Tips for a Successful Site Inspection

Site Inspections are like the first day of school. They are filled with excitement at what is to come, meeting many new people, and lots of hard work. They are the perfect opportunity to ensure that everyone is on the same page and have fully wrapped their heads about the upcoming meeting or event. While being onsite provides many opportunities, it is important to be intentional about your time, so that you can be as productive as possible.

  • Timing – Ensure that the timing of your site inspection aligns with your project plan. If you do it too early, you might not yet know all of the details that are necessary to share with your venue staff or you may forget the layout of the space and other pertinent details. Similarly, if you plan it too late, your window to make modifications to the space may have passed.
  • Plan – Go into the inspection with a checklist and an understanding of how you plan to use the space. This will allow you the opportunity to really inspect what your plan is and modify it if necessary.
  • Walk – Being onsite is a luxury that you may not have again until you are onsite for the event. Get out and wander around. This is your opportunity to get your bearings and become comfortable with the space. Channel your inner attendee and make note of information that would be helpful to share with someone visiting the space for the first time. Think through things like the attendee flow, signage, and set up.
  • Talk – Enjoy the downtime with your team. It is important to build a strong foundation with your team early on before it begins to get stressful. Talk about your hot buttons and figure out the best ways to collaborate moving forward. Likewise, get to know the team at the hotel/venue that you are working at. Building those relationships early on will allow for a more collaborative and seamless planning process.