Bring Your Virtual Events to Life

with tailored websites, registration, emails, event guides, mobile apps, polling, feedback, integrations, and more.

We’ll reimagine and reengage without the steep learning curve.

Virtual events aren’t new in the strategic meetings management playbook, and at Right Hand Events, we’ve been embracing this technology for some time. While virtual events do not necessarily replace in-person events, if leveraged properly they can be an extremely effective event strategy and pretty close substitution. Whether an in-person or digital event, creating an attendee experience should be a top priority, and we will help you create an experience unlike any other.

Maximize attendee engagement, create value-added experiences, and memorable moments where connection and learning flourish.

5 Steps to Simplified Virtual Event Planning

1. Discovery Period

  • Clearly Define Goals & Objectives
  • Analyze Scope of Work
  • Outline Roles & Responsibilities

2. Virtual Technology Assessment

  • Technology Needs Appraisal
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Technology Solution Recommendation & Selection

3. Seamless Planning

  • Exemplary Planning – Logistical Excellence
  • VIP Speaker & Talent Management
  • Source & Select Exceptional Vendors

4. Elevate Attendee Experience

  • Provide Clear & Concise Communication
  • Create elements of connectivity
  • Incorporate Memorable Moments

5. Flawless Execution

  • ‘Onsite’ Virtual Savvy Events Team
  • Flawless Behind-the-Scenes Operation
  • Program Success!

Technology makes it possible to market, execute, and run virtual events that can rival their in-person counterparts.

We have produced events utilizing a range of platforms and technologies, and we know from experience there is not a one size fits all solution. You can trust Right Hand Events to guide you to the virtual solution that best fits your needs.

Just because you are going digital, doesn’t mean you can’t have the same level of production as a live event. We will work with you to ensure your general sessions, expo hall, and workshops WOW your attendees from the very first impression.

We also know that giving a presentation to a virtual audience is a new experience for most. Our team will ensure your presenters have the coaching and preparation they need to be comfortable virtually.

Let us be your turnkey strategic planning partner when you pivot from live to virtual experiences!

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