Creating Exceptional
Event Experiences

From ideation to execution, we are your trusted partner for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Right Hand Events is a full-service, strategic event management solution for live, virtual, and hybrid events.
To be someone’s right hand means being a valued, efficient, intuitive assistant or supporter – an extension of them. The right hand is your working hand, dependable, and flexible. To be someone’s right hand means to be trust-worthy, useful, accessible, and indispensable.

Let us be your Right Hand.

Your Live Events Partner.

Our Event Management Solutions

We are logistics experts and masters of details.

Events have the power to engage, excite, motivate, inform, and unite. Whether live, virtual or hybrid, events today, more than ever, are crucial to building culture and community. Our guiding principle is providing exceptional customer experiences. Our mission is to provide solutions:

Live Events

Our strategic approach to event management creates a stress-free experience for our clients.

Right Hand Events - Virtual Events Management

Virtual Events

Maximize attendee engagement, create value-added experiences, and memorable moments where connection and learning flourish.

Right Hand Events - Hybrid Events Management

Hybrid Events

Bridge the gap between in-person and virtual to reach a wider audience, improve ROI, and gain valuable insight with on-demand data.

Right Hand Events Project Logistics

Project Logistics

We are a partner you can trust to fill in logistical gaps, guaranteeing program success.

Our Experience = Your Success

Years of Planning Experience
Successful Events
Positive feedback
Happy Attendees

Our Clients

Over the years we have worked with many amazing clients, and we’re grateful to be part of each of their teams, working as partners to achieve their goals.

Is your team stretched too thin?

Are you feeling the strain from a lack of resources?

Outsourcing event planning, sourcing, and vendor management is a proven way to gain greater visibility into your events, manage and reduce risk, and streamline tasks, saving you time and money.

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