The Value of Virtual Meetings

As we pivot from a world of live events to virtual meetings, it may be hard to see the value in moving forward with an event rather than cancelling. Before moving forward with a decision, consider the following that emphasize why virtual events are so valuable.

  1. Take Your Event Around the World. In most cases, it is difficult for attendees to attend events especially when travel (whether that be domestic or international) is involved. Now attendees can participate in events from the comfort of their homes. No more airport security, long plane rides or lost luggage. Hooray!
  2. Grow Your Attendee List. One of the most integral parts of an event is creating the perfect attendee list. Normally you would need to think about capacity based on your venue space, budget, etc. However, the beauty of virtual events is there really is no capacity limit. No more worrying about how many chairs can fit in a general session ballroom or breakout room.
  3. Opportunity to Test New Tools. Now is the time to take risks and test new tools and ideas as the business world is more open to experimentation than ever before. Take this time to try new things, learn what works well and what doesn’t, and what is worth making a new normal. 
  4. Keep Our Planet Green. We are all guilty of playing a part in the carbon footprint that events leave. Converting your meeting or conference into a virtual space really allows us to take a more eco-friendly approach. 
  5. Goodbye Set-Up and Teardown Days. We have all had to roll our sleeves up and get down and dirty when it comes to event load in and out days. By switching to virtual events, you can say bye to this aspect all together. Loading in has now moved from truck and pallet deliveries to clicking a button on your computer.