CSR and Meetings

The increased focus on Corporate Social Responsibility combined with the great potential of group volunteer projects, puts meeting planners in a place where they can truly make a positive impact on the destinations they visit.  It’s critical to carefully define the volunteer activity and make sure that the action is meeting a community need.  Is it something the local community wants?  Is the project something that the locals can maintain?  Will maintenance cost money?  Can the project be completed in the allotted time-frame?  What is the cost to the group and the community?  Planning these projects takes experience, local knowledge and attention to cultural and environmental concerns.

It seems the meeting industry is ready to look at group volunteer projects more closely and introduce the valuable concept to their clients and meeting groups.  I am encouraged by an industry of professionals ready to become an integral part of the power of volunteerism.  This is exciting…

Check out my Volunteer Event Planning Checklist on page 12 of the San Diego Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Supplement.


Elise Rollinson
Meeting Planner and Event Consultant
Right Hand Events