5 Things to Remember When Hosting Virtual Meetings

This time of sitting and waiting is hard especially when we know we still need to meet, train, engage, and live our lives!  Here are five tips to make your next virtual meeting memorable and engaging.

  1. Help your audience feel connected. Encourage your attendees to introduce themselves via chat and share a fun-fact. 
  2. Break the ice. Make your attendees feel comfortable by adding a joke or anecdote. Laughing feels good and calms people’s nerves.
  3. Make it personal. When engaging with your audience use their name. It will give attendees an opportunity to feel seen and that their presence has value.
  4. Interaction is key. Create fun and engaging polls and questionnaires, and when possible, give your audience the chance to write something down so their attention is captivated.
  5. Everyone’s time is valuable. Don’t go over the allotted time. If you scheduled an hour, try to end a few minutes early so those with future engagements have a few minutes to breathe.