Volunteer Teambuilding & Community Service Projects


Are you interested in incorporating a Volunteer Teambuilding Activity into your conference agenda?

Do you feel that a Community Service Project would enhance your meeting goals?

Then…Right Hand Events can help!

Corporate volunteer projects naturally create a positive teambuilding experience for participants. Right Hand Events supports convention and business groups in enhancing their meeting experience by organizing team participation events that support the local population and create life-changing volunteer experiences for the attendees. Planning these projects takes experience, local knowledge, and attention to cultural and environmental concerns. It’s important to carefully define the volunteer activity and make sure that the action is meeting a true community need.

Benefits to your company and the community:

  • Socially responsible contribution to the local community
  • Enhance your company’s image as a good corporate citizen
  • Elevate employee or client pride, thus improving recruitment, morale and possibly increasing sales
  • Provide employees with a fun and rewarding experience
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration, resulting in increased productivity
  • Bridge the gap between business and communities
  • Address real community needs…make an impact!

Full Project Management

Right Hand Events can manage all aspects of your corporate volunteer project. We start the planning process by exploring your specific needs and offering a variety of project ideas. Whether an on-site assembly project or an off-site beautification project, Right Hand Events works carefully with your company to select the appropriate partner and build a memorable volunteer experience. Project management includes:

  • Identify local non-profit or community partner
  • Consult on appropriate volunteer activities
  • Support local organization on project scoping, development and volunteer management
  • Manage all project logistics, timing, supplies
  • Professional onsite project and volunteer management
  • Coordinate and manage local purchase and delivery of project supplies
  • Create pre-event communication for volunteers, staff, company and agency
  • Ensure appropriate project setup and cleanup takes place
  • Engage and educate volunteers
  • Written survey/reflection

Additional Services:

  • Project Consulting – Let us help you brainstorm, make initial calls and provide you a vetted list of ideas with contacts. Based on your interest, destination needs and goals, we’ll connect you with appropriate community partners in your desired destination.
  • Professional and Experienced Cause Educators
  • Cultural Preparedness and Sensitivity Training
  • Support Services (transportation, audiovisual, photography, food and beverage, basic décor and entertainment)


Top 10 Project Ideas + Checklist


We can support groups in coordinating a range of volunteer projects, including:

BE SOCIAL – Community Involvement – A volunteer project with social interaction and personal engagement.

Sample project with Right Hand Events:
Visit a local non-profit, senior care center or community service facility. Your group could help out with tasks such as preparing and serving meals at an orphanage, accompanying elderly people and enabling them to be more active, caring for animals, tutoring or reading to youth, volunteer at a medical plant garden, supporting a local small business for a day, organizing a sports day for kids, etc.

GO GREEN – Environmental Project – A volunteer project that ties environmental issues and support with an interesting activity, location or cause.

Sample project with Right Hand Events:
Your group will be outdoors, engaged in an environmental project. Tasks may include landscaping projects, removing invasive plant life, supporting endangered animal species surroundings, collecting turtle eggs, reforestation work, bird monitoring, removing graffiti or debris, building water filtration, etc.

LEAVE A MARK – Beautification Project – Create, build and connect with community needs.

Sample project with Right Hand Events:
Your group will spend time physically beautifying a local facility such as a children’s care center, homeless shelter, senior home or women’s shelter. Volunteers will paint, build, repair and do light maintenance work such as gardening, cleaning and painting, etc. Special projects such as building solar ovens, building playgrounds or creating water systems also exist in some destinations.

ASSEMBLE -n- DONATE – On-site projects coordinated in a meeting room or hotel.

Sample Project with Right Hand Events:
With a shorter timeframe and to save on the transportation costs, an on-site volunteer project may be a good fit. Your group could paint a mural and donate it to a local charity, create cards of inspiration for hospital patients, assemble and donate care kits or emergency kits for a community in need, etc.

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