IMEX America…GO!

I went to IMEX for the first time ever this year!  I have considered going for the past 10 years and finally committed.  And I am so glad I did.  Luckily it was as a “hosted buyer”.

If you are a meeting planner who was on the fence about going to IMEX this year…here’s FIVE reasons you want to go in 2014 as a hosted buyer!


1. You’re the boss! You get to pick all your own appointments with their super cool online scheduler. Gone are the days of roaming the floor avoiding eye contact with a vendor you have no interest in meeting! It’s a busy schedule, but there is no wasted time and many valuable conversations.  If you do a good job picking your appointments you can spend the entire time talking about venues, products and destinations that are appropriate for your groups!

2. Easy Connections. So, I am not a great networker.  I am a little shy.  Being part of a hosted buyer group was really helpful because you had an instant group of new connections and people to meet.  It’s like having new friends before you even arrive.

3. Cheap! They really have you covered as a hosted buyer.  Air was covered (with some restrictions), 2-3 nights hotel (at a location of their choice), transfers from the airport and surrounding hotels to the SANDs convention center and coffee (cause you gotta have it!).  You need to follow the rules of the hosted buyer (lots of appointments), but it’s well worth it.

4. FUN Las Vegas Style. You are bound to get an invitation or two to the evening events, which often host food and beverage.  From dinners to show tickets there was a lot happening each night.

5. New Business! Even as a buyer I was building business contacts and met a prospective client or two!

You don’t want to miss this show!

Elise Rollinson

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