A Letter from Operation Courage is Beautiful

A group of volunteers from CareFusion made custom care packages for female active duty military personnel.  This letter came back to us…love it.

Good morning,

I just received the care package my husband sent via Operation Courage.
I just want to reach out and say thank you. Women are so overlooked and
forgotten in the Army; it’s nice to be acknowledged and respected. Not
only as Soldiers, but as women as well. It seems like the Army is so
interested in either making us men or uni-sex, that they forget that we
are women first. Thank you so much for remembering us.

Keep up the good work. These care packages make a big difference to us.
I particularly enjoyed the encouraging messages on the zip lock bags,
“we love and respect you”. Thank you so much. You have no idea what this
meant to me.

God Bless you and continue the good work.


Operation Courage is Beautiful Client

Elise Rollinson

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